Exposing myself


*    they call me Pavel

*    gotta be a man: happen to have balls, wife and two kids…

*    born March,1966

*    given second chance on 31st Dec,1987 (surviving - miraculously, though - "aerial

      show" while descending 8.000ft+ summit)

*    brought back among the living on 20th Aug,2003 (thru Left Birmingham Hip

      Resurfacing with amazing Dr. DeSmet - Koen, I love/owe you so much!)

*    rated surfacehippy #2 among the Czechs (or believing so… Deserving/getting my

      everlasting thanks, Tom Golan!)  

*    and miracuously surviving an attack of brain Lymphoma B in 2016/17



*   an avid outdoor enthusiast (off-piste skiing, MTBing, mountaineering n'more),

     adrenalinising myself (almost) daily….

*   topping my list: Budvar beer, hardrock/metal music, the "web"

*   make me nuts: Microsoft, tabloids, left-wingers and smokers .... ;-)


© PP 07/2017