(as of 2009, I still gotta find a time to update to actual 2017 status)

*    http://www.surfacehippy.info/ - probably the best resurf site around

*    http://www.activejoints.com/ - a gate to the hip replacement worlds

*    http://www.hipresurfacing.com/ - my lovely "pound of stainless" manufacturer's website

*   "surfacehippy" and "hipsrus" on Yahoo!.health.groups - US and UK based resurf(ers) discussion groups, large

      archives available upon login

*    http://www.thunderballhip.50megs.com/ - another virtual place worth visiting

*    http://www.jqhome.net/ - Jeff Gaynor's weblog -  blogged over 8 yrs of joy

*    http://www.bananarepublican.info/ - Joseph Waltenbaugh's weblog - a failed resurf story - cause: AVN -

      ended-up with MoM THR

*    www.hip-clinic.com/en/html/bhr_video.html - movies right from the operating theatre  - literally "bloody" job

      featured  - saw, hammer and other gentle tooling in action; no doubt IT IS A MAJOR SURGERY…. gotta admit

      found myself ready for them almost 2yrs POST-OP…..

*    the resurf(ers) scene generally consents on following:

      - surgery timings: the sooner, the better!

      - recovery time post-op (i.e. getting back to normal) equals period of (progressing) disability pre-op

      - you might switch to MoM THR if resurf (ever!) fails (benefiting from MoM advantages), but you will NEVER

        get resurfed after THR

      - lesser post-op complications ratio (compared to ordinary metal-polyethylene THR) shall be expected (MoM

        features positively suppressing most risks of dislocation and/or osteolysis), AVN mostly causing resurf device


      - device longevity unknown - Katie, the most experienced resurfer (Dr. McMinn's #4 in 1991), celebrated her

        18th birthday recently

      - no negative effects of metal ions blood contamination (chromium, nickel and molybdenum debris - side effect

        of metal-on-metal surfaces - though polished - articulation) were reported… yet

      - orthopedists (and, sadly, it does not matter if you take one from US, Australia or Europe) are mostly

        reluctant/conservative in their approach to alternatives of hip replacement (i.e. they know next to nothing

        'bout resurf…), FDA keeps on clinical trials (for sixth successive year or so…) and you may call yourselves

        lucky making your NHS paid for it


*   And, few more "Deutsches" sites:   





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