Weblog (pre-op)

*   keeping myself fit for outdoor adventures I went jogging daily (mostly on-road, up to 7miles) prior to the

     "aerial show"

*   being airborne for awhile (undeliberately, though), the landing wasn't smooth…..well, incurred some

     "scratches" (left hip and right ankle dislocated, brain concussion, broken ribs 'n more….)

*   took nine months before going outdoors again, although struggling kind of  "mental block" for years afterwards

*   1996/7 - very early signs of approaching hip arthritis - occasional jabbing hip aches, bending over ain't as easy

     as it used to be, no recognisable gait yet, though subconsciously off-balancing weight distribution

*   spring 2000 - the lesser RoM, the more pain… half expecting the diagnosis, I pay visit to my orthopedist:

     "coxarthritis 3rd gr" , "you ought to quit jogging right away"; Regrettably, I did…. should have kept going on

     at lower pace…

*   2001 to spring 2003 - familiarizing myself with "Trelenberger's gait", deterioration progresses faster and faster

     until everything I lived for becomes long gone history (skiing - left turns impossible; biking - handlebar gets

     far beyond my reach; jogging - what's this and how people do it?; standing still for awhile results in crippling

     lower back pains; left shoe laces tying - possible only if laces tied prior to putting it on…

*   spring 2003 - the forthcoming THR surgery inevitability and its NEVER AGAIN imperative consecutions

     (forgetting skis - noooooo, I'd rather die….) overwhelms - wept days and nights….nonetheless entering Orthes

     waitlist (18 mnths to go)

*   May 2003 - a beam of light at the end of the tunnel - deep in despair, I browse the web, frantically looking for

     anything to get the burden rid of me; "hip resurfacing" and www.activejoints.com eventually striking among

     innumerous search readouts; took me a split of a second to make myself up: THAT'S IT!

*   consecutive thoughts of WHO, WHERE, HOW are fixed-up hastily, too: I am to face my destiny with 

     Dr. DeSmet in 10 weeks at Ghent, Belgium…. getting pissed-off  by NHS refusal, I am raising the funds to 

     cover estimated 12kEuros on my own…  

*   18th Aug,2003 - Belgium bound,  "I am leaving on a bus-plane, don't know I'll be back again"… (courtesy of

     Chantal Kreviazuk).. alone, but not lonely… nonetheless scared to my guts…..


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