Weblog (post op) 

*  20th Aug,2003 (D-day) - the surgery - almost too late… been much too long bone-on-bone… diagnosed

    coxarthritis 4th grade, RoM as low as 1/3 of normal  

*  DID I MAKE RIGHT CHOICE? - getting the positive answer even before the Belgian trip is over… warm approach

    and sincere humanity of the OS and his staff throughout the surgery and after overwhelm  (of course, I am not

    talking the flesh-and-bone work itself - thankfully, a general anesthesia was administered) and…. the final

    instructions on leaving Belgium make it clear: "apart from bungee and skydiving, you are not restricted, as it

    comes to sports once you pass 3months milestone"… well, recalling all the joy I have myself since op, I am

   101% sure these were the most blue of any blue chips I could have invested into….

*  D+24hrs - I am said to put crutches aside and lift my unoperated leg while standing … gritting my teeth I

    follow… WOW, it works! (i.e. I am performing 100% weight bearing!)… The very last shot of painkillers taken 

    soon after…

*  D+2days - being expelled from the hospital, Holiday Inn next door checked in

*  D+4days - crutching Ghent for hours, I enjoy Belgian choc, beer and… pizza!

*  D+7days - definitely not enjoying, nonetheless surviving a ride back home (15+hrs onboard a "middle" class

    vehicle - the class as per European perspective of passenger cars sizing…) well, would get airborne next time…

*  D+10days - as it comes to crutches, I am turning plural into singular; tendons and muscles (or better: their

    atrophied left-outs) scream being extended to their original length - magnesium overdose works

*  D+20days - entering crutch-less era

*  D+25days - resuming office chores, getting back beyond the wheel (though driving short distances only for 

    few weeks to come)  

*  D+6weeks - having strolled for 60+minutes daily since D+10d, I dare challenging the mountainside… done!

    (90minutes, half kilometer of gathered altitude)

*  D+8 weeks - 2to3 hours walks uphill/downhill (single trails high in the mountains, ascents up to 3k ft) -

    encountering "CLUNKING" (incl. subsequent soft tissues bad feelings - pains much too strong to describe - and

    itching nerves); getting startled and eventually PANICKING myself, nonetheless having hastily X-rays taken and

    communicated both to my OS and local orthopedist it comes to conclusion there is nothing wrong with it; likely

    to be side-effects of gradually widening RoM; happening to encounter those "bad feelings" often in coming


*  D+4mnths - CARVING THE PISTE AGAIN!!!! (slowly, carefully and cautiously, nonetheless skiing!)

*  late Dec, 2003 - being challenged by approaching car, I SPRINT across the street (subconscious preceding

    mental readiness)  

*  D+5mnths - digging-up the powder off-piste

*  winter season's review - totaling 37 days, it climaxes with 4hours ride thru 3feet of fresh powder

*  D+9mnths - tying the laces again… muscle volume of operated leg gains on the undone one, nonetheless still

    feels off-balanced in performance/perseverance

*  summer season's review - 15 local summits hiked, 1.5k miles biked (MTB, thus off tarmac, of course…)

*  1st anniversary - long, low stem goes back onto bike; legs performing almost equally; climbing walls up to gr.

    5.10 again; lower back excruciating pains are eventually gone; right knee starts protesting (probably due years

    of overcharge)

*  D+15mnths - hiking higher and higher, I extensively enjoy colorful palette of fall mountains… ending-up at

    some 8k+ ft above the sea level…

*  second post-op winter season's review - total of 55 days; I dare more challenging adventures - closing the

    season with 6hours ride of 50o+ couloir…

*  D+1.5yrs - having felt off-balanced (physically and… mentally, too) for years, I am becoming more and more

    convinced it's over…; resuming XC jogging (well, lungs ventilation limits the show… working on it hard); right

    knee setbacks occasionally; "clunking" persists

*  D+2yrs - breathing fresh mountain air (almost) daily.... challenging Mt.Blanc (though not reaching its

    summit).... groin nerve gets pinched occasionally

*  and, the later the same - outdoors, outdoors, outdoors

*  D+12 yrs - fighting for my life (brain cancer)

*  D+ 14yrs - still the same song - the stailess works like hell, the rest of an old man does not cope with...

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